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Image credit by Fiqri Ramadhan

Image by Fiqri Ramadhan

Muhammad Raufan Yusup

January 30, 2022

6 questions I have or wished I'd asked of my future coworkers & leader

Take this opportunity to find out your next job under the company

Take this opportunity to find out your next job under the company

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When we did a job interview, often at the end of the session we are asked "Anything you want to ask?". This is actually an opportunity for us to interview our potential leads/peers back. This is what I usually ask my next leads/peers during product design role interviews

🧡 6 questions that can help us learn about our potential leads/peers πŸ‘‡πŸ»

β€œWhat good design means for you?”

This is my favorite question because it can get a variety of answers. The intention of this question is to know what value our next leads/peers hold. What they consider good and bad. Plus it's interesting to hear their answers.

There is one person who said "What good design means to me? Hmmm, I can say Apple is a bad design.” Then she explained why according to her Apple is a bad design. Very interesting and bold.


β€œHow do things work in your company or design team?”

The intention of this question is to know the product development process or design process that the company usually go through. Can be used to prepare for adaptation when accepted, or even become something that we can improve when we join


β€œHow did you see the failures? Have you experienced it once and how do you react to it?”

This is specific to leads. The intention is to know how they see the failures made by their subordinates. Can they be able to provide a sense of security for their subordinate to learn?


β€œWhat is your biggest struggle when you joined the team?”

This is specific for peers. The intention was to see their experience adapting when they joined their company. So we can also be aware of what we have to prepare


β€œHow did you grow your team?”

This is specific for leads. The intention is to see how far the leads care about the goals of their subordinates. Because I think a supportive lead is a leader who cares about their subordinate's goals and can help them to achieve it


β€œWhat would make a Senior designer successful?”

This is for leads. Even though it's been written in the JD, usually when asked this, their answers are more specific. Can be used to align expectations and understand the values held by the leads again


At least those are 6 questions that I often throw when asked by interviewers. Usually, from these 6 questions, you can actually talk a lot and know a lot about our prospective team. What's yours?


End of thread. Thank you for reading!