5 Books that help me this year

5 Books that help me this year

Not only design-related books but also communication and presentation books. Here are 5 Books that help me improve this year.
September 18, 2021

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This year, I read a bit more books compared to last year. Looks like it's because I need it in this year.

Not only design-related books, but there are several that are about communication too. And it's quite helpful to get buy-ins from stakeholders at the office. Here are the books, who knows if anyone is interested to read tooπŸ‘‡πŸ»


1. Building for Everyone by Annie Jean-Baptiste

I Interested in this book because when joined SN, the user will be more diverse from the user in Indonesia because it's semi-global company. So try to keep my mind loaded by reading this. If you are interested in Inclusive Design or accessibility, this is a great book to read.

What's great about this book: Easy to read, and balance between theoretical and practical. And what I like the most, there are many practical frameworks that we can try by ourselves. Starting from implementing inclusive design in small teams, to big teams. This is complete for those who just want to read about inclusivity.


2. How to make sense of any mess by Abby Covert

This is one of my favorite books. About Information Architecture. It's fun to read the example case presented by Abby here. Like IA is all around us like supermarkets, etc.

What's great about this book: it made me realize that IA exists everywhere. From the restaurant menu, to the supermarket. This book also tells us how we can identify the mess and finally we can play with structure to adjust the mess.


You know, JP design always looks mess, haha, that's why I really like this book.


3. Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson

This book talks about 4 types of human behavior which are described as 4 colors: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. It's fun when we read the habits and characteristics of each color, there will definitely be one color that we feel "wow, it's me" Haha

What's good about this book: I myself know the types of people and can recognize them a little bit and the responses and approaches I give are adapted to how that person behaves. So that you can get buy-in, and minimize conflicts of opinion.


After reading this book, I often guess other people color "is this the Red or Yellow person?", but after doing it, I don't think this book is for us to guess what color people are. But for us to know how to communicate with these 4 types of people.


FYI, I'm yellow, it's valid & confirmed, because at the time we were still on my previous company, there was a session with a company called Insight Discovery. The session to find out what color we are, and how to build good communication and collaboration between colors in the office.


4. Show & Tell by Dan Roam

This book shows how we make extraordinary presentations. The book is very practical and entertaining! The fastest book I read in only 2 days was finished, because it was so enjoyable.

What's good about this book: The framework! Dan Roam introduces several frameworks to make presentations according to the goals of the presentation. It really helped me to get buy-in when presenting something to the team.


5. How to win friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This book was recommended by my supportive friend Briandito. Only half read, but quite enjoy it so far. Not too heavy but the content is good.

What's good about this book so far: Because I haven't finished reading it yet, I'm just going to share my impressions so far. Because I'm pushing my own growth in terms of communication, this book is very relevant to me. Get knowledge on how to handle people, how to make people think in your way, etc.


End of Thread. Thank you for reading!

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