"What good means for you?"

"What good means for you?"

Get insights from cross-cultural teams and get a better understanding by asking one simple question: "what good means for you?"
August 25, 2021

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Originally posted on my Twitter in Indonesian 👉🏻 Link to thread

This week, I feel that I can understand this cross-cultural team more and get a lot of insights as well. Just because I tried to throw one simple question on 1on1: “What good means for you?”👇🏻

“What good means for you” here can be widened to “what good means for business”, “what good means for users”, etc etc, depending on who we are talking to and what context.

And for some people, when asked "what good means for you?" the answer is not only what is good for/according to him, but in the end he explains the intent of something he wants to make, in this context, for example projects/features in his squad.

Behind the "good or bad" of something, there must be a reason why it looks like that. For example, the "good" aesthetic according to the US is clean and minimal, while the "good" aesthetic of Japan is bold, colorful and provoking. For example, the difference between Marie Kondo JP & Global youtube thumbnails 👇

Konmari youtube thumbnail Global version
Konmari youtube thumbnail JP version

And, getting "the reasons of why they look that way" is very useful for me to do or decide something. At least this week.

Then, I did not only asking, but I also tell them “what good means for me”, this is equally important. Make expectations aligned. Without a clear understanding of what is good, bad can come out of nowhere.

In fact, when we make decisions, we as designers balance the intent of stakeholders (business) and users (goals & problems) right? Well, I'll try to add what they believed to be "good" also.

So it may be possible to split between "looking good" and "being good". As Abby Covert said: “pretty things can be useless, and ugly things can be useful. Beauty and quality are not always related”

By asking "what good means for you" earlier, I personally feel like I can try to give balanced attention to the "looking good" and "being good".

Because from what I experienced, when I was asked that, people always answered "good" from the point of view of "looking good" and "being good". If it doesn't how it looks, it's about how it performed.

So, hopefully, I can produce output that is not only useful but also looks good.

End of Thread. Thank you for reading!

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